Opening hours

Wednesday 29/7 Closed to the public!
Thursday 30/7 from 6pm
Friday 31/7 from 10am
Saturday 1/8 from 9am


There is an ATM (by Komercni banka) available – located at the bar Plazovej Fraja.

Wheelchair access

The area is wheelchair accessible. A barrier-free ramp is set up over the stones by the quarry to access the rear of the area.

Where can I buy tickets and how much does it cost? Will there be tickets on the event?

Advance booking is possible with a partner TICKETSTREAM. The exact prices can be found on the page Tickets. Tickets will also be sold on the event.

Information Point

The information point, providing information about the area, time schedule or information on first aid, organizing services, information about the stage lineups etc.
Visitors can pick up a free printed program here. You can buy HIGHJUMP stickers on the Information point.

Camping vs. Parking

For safety reasons camping will not be permitted next to cars. Visitors can sleep inside cars but not next to them. Free camping is permitted at designated places (a meadow at the back). Parking fee is 100 CZK for motorbike, 200 CZK for a passenger car and 300 CZK for a caravan or supply vehicle. Please park your car in a car park only, otherwise your car might be towed away. Please be aware that when you park your car parallel to the driveway, you make the two-way traffic impossible!

Can I bring my own food and drink into the area?

HIGHJUMP is your specific comfortable party and this is the reason why you can take, as on the one of the few big summer actions, your own food and drink in limited quantities. WARNING: Strictly prohibited to make open fires and use of pyrotechnics!

Will there be the First Aid available at the event?

Of course. There will be the First Aid available at a place. We strongly believe it will not be needed but we would like to ask all visitors to talk to SECURITY, who will be directly connected to the Ambulance, in case of emergency. The first aid station is marked on Sketch map.

Since when the area will be open: tent camp and parking?

The whole area will be open for the public on Thursday 30.7.2020 around 18 o’clock. It does not make sense to come to campus earlier. Thak you for your understanding.

Showers – Maxi Shower Truck

In the tent town, under the parkour zone (Sketch map) there will be showers like last year. It is a big black semi-trailer, for men with an exclusive tractor Liaz 400 Xena. Only 37 pieces of there were made and only 35 actually existed as the other two were a copy or were dismantled due to an accident. Some of the Xena´s were then rebuilt from tractors to 4×2 flatbeds or 6×2 tipper.

We have no car, how to get to Hřimeždice?

Transport can be found on the web: www.idos.cz. Look for connections Dobris – Hrimezdice. Bus from Prague to Dobris (Knížecí, Prague 5 – Anděl) runs almost every half hour.
The best way is through Dobris. The bus from Dobris goes to Hrimezdice from the square.
On Friday 31.7.2020 the bus will go in:
10:55 / 12:45 / 14:50 / 15:50 / 18:15 (direct connection Dobris – Hrimezdice).

I would like to take part in the race, what should I do?

Highjump is OPEN. If you want to jump and have a possibility of winning valuable prizes, log in: Accreditation. We will send you more information after log in or you can find them here.

Can I take photos or make videos in the area?

It is allowed only with non professional technics.


Dogs can be in the area only on dog-lead. It´s prohibited to bath animals in the quarry.

Will there be the „Lost&Found“ service available?

Yes, the „Lost&Found“ service will be located at a Plazovej Fraja bar (permanent wooden bar by the quarry). In case you lose or find something, don´t hesitate to contact us at the bar.

What about rubbish around the guarry?

Around the guarry and the camping place there will be enough rubbish bins and sacks. We ask visitors to take care about pureness and use the rubbish bin. In case the rubbish bin is full, please give rubbish next to the rubbish bin on the floor. Thank you very much.

What are the “fees” on ticket distribution network (example 590 CZK, commission 30 CZK, fee 10 CZK)?

It is a service charge which is added to the price ticket by seller (distribution network). The fee may be different for each vendor.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Paid entrance fee is not refundable, entry ticket can´t be changed for another one
  • There is no compensation for lost entry ticket
  • Entry ticket forgery is a criminal offence
  • When further changes on entry ticket are made, this becomes invalid
  • Organizer is not responsible for problems caused by unauthorized use of entry ticket or when a copy of it is made
  • If an owner of entry ticket allows its copying, only a person who comes with identical ticket first, will be allowed to enter the area
  • Entry ticket holders must follow rules made by an organizer of an event
  • Programme changes and changes of performers are reserved
  • By buying an entry ticket and entering the area, visitors agree with photographs and videos of them being made. These photographs and videos can be used by the organizer for any commercial, promotional and other uses and free of charge
  • By buying an entry ticket, you agree with a marketing targeting
  • You are obliged to have an indetification band around your wrist throughout the whole validity period