Entrance on Highjump 2020
You can buy tickets on the place. We have plenty of them!

Friday: 900 CZK
Saturday: 900 CZK
Friday + Saturday: 900 CZK
Parking (A): 100 CZK motorcycles
Parking (B): 200 CZK cars
Parking (C): 300 CZK caravans, vans
Camping: FREE parking will be separated from the camp for security reasons

Childern who don’t reach 15 have free entry, but only with parents. In the area parents have all responsibility for childern younger than 18. Holders of ZTP and ZTP/P + asistent have free entry too.

Presale Ticketstream

590 CZK SOLD OUT – only for first 200pcs of tickets
690 CZK until 30.04.2020
750 CZK until 30.06.2020
790 CZK until 29.07.2020

What are the “fees” on ticket distribution network (example 590 CZK, commission 30 CZK, fee 10 CZK)?
It is a service charge which is added to the price ticket by seller (distribution network). The fee may be different for each vendor.