DJ Nobodylisten

Without DJ Nobodylisten many people can´t imagine a huge party happening connected with an extreme sport. Dj Nobody has two different styles on the stage. The first is DJ-ing with his DJ set, which will bring huge amount of energy to the crowd and the dance floor. The second is a music producer where he is a part of VR/Nobody project which has received a nomination for Anděl award. At Desperados High Jump you will see DJ Nobody as a DJ, therefore more of energy and dancing.



Czech Superstar Smack will come with his group to High Jump this year as well. Smack is a current holder of an Andel reward for hip hop. Smack is a representative of current rap. Currently he is one of the most important hip hop artists in the Czech Republic. His musical style is significant and unmistakable. At High Jump he will perform for the second time and his concert promises a lot of fun and energy.


Ukradený ovoce

Punk-Rock band Ukradeny ovoce is also known as Zakazany ovoce. After some arguments between members of the band, a new musical project was made with the name Ukradeny ovoce. With Pisto, Franc and Laska the band continues with what they have started and they continue to play in many concert halls around the Czech Republic. The audience can expect rock music and a huge amount of energy.



TiNG is an eight-member international band based in Prague, weaving a colorful tapestry of sound from a variety of styles including rock, reggae, ska, dancehall, drum 'n bass, swing and hip-hop. Frontman and multi-instrumentalist MC Turner (USA) writes socially conscious lyrics and has a voice that is part Jamaica and part old school punk. Backing him up are his brother and guitarist Miller (USA), drummer Omar (MEX) and Czech musicians Hot Dan (guitar), Michal (keyboards), Karel (bass), Filip (saxophone) and Mira (trumpet).
Their debut album “Man vs Wild” received the Andel prize (Czech Music Awards) for best album in the category Ska and Reggae for 2013. The band has played the major stages and festivals in the Czech Republic like Colours of Ostrava and Rock for People, as well as concerts in France, Germany, Slovakia and Slovenia, and shared the stage with big names like Chinese Man and Irie Revoltes.



Orion is one the well-known celebrities in the hip-hop scene. Most of the fans can know him as a member of the legendary band PSH. With his mates Vladimir 518 and Dj Mike Trafik they have sold out concerts around the Czech Republic. Orion´s experiences with the microphone and behind the Dj set are huge and he will show that at High Jump this year. Orion has many solo albums, his last being Noční vidění.


Prague Conspiracy

Neither Prague Conspiracy is a novice band in the musical pond. Some fans most likely know the band as the creators of the style ska in the Czech Republic, however that is not what the band focuses on anymore. From Prague Conspiracy you can expect rock filled with energy. Frontwoman of the band is Aneta Galisova, on guitar Jakub Sinor, on base Matej Vasku and on drums Martin Smrkovsky. The band has just released a new album called Inner Game which they are currently promoting at clubs and festivals around the Czech Republic.

Prague Conspiracy - invitation to High Jump:


Skyline is a band that has been on the scene since 1997. Since then they have gone through personal and musical growth. Currently the group constist of MC Jacob and a singer Marka Rybin (Gaia Mesiah). These are followed by a guitar player Majkii B. The core of the group is made by DJ Hiffi and Radek Bureš. Skyline are one of the legends of Czech club scene. Dance music, which Skyline has been producing, entertains all fans under the podium for many years now. Skyline has cooperated with groups such as Underworld therefore they have performed with someone outside of the Czech Republic as well.

The first single from the newly released album:

Loo and Placido (FR)

French DJ duo Loo and Placido are coming back to High Jump after a year off. You will easily recognize the energetic duo due to their lighting glasses in which they perform but also due to their break beat sets. This French duo will bring the mix of all hits around the world in their own amazing remixes. Loo and Placido perform at prestige music festivals and during their EU tour they will stop by in the Czech Republic. All of this is brought to High Jump by ice cold Jägermeister.