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  • Young British Aidan Heslop has won the Desperados Highjump 2018

Young British Aidan Heslop has won the Desperados Highjump 2018

Domination continues. Young British Aidan Heslop has won the Desperados Highjump

Nineteenth year of the cliffdiving championship Desperados Highjump is in the past. During the 3rd and 4th of August 2018, many jumpers from all around the world have met in the quarry in Hříměždice in order to compete in jumping from 12,16 and 20 meters. The swing competition was part of it aswell. The absolute winner is a young British Aidan Heslop, who has owned the 12 and 20 meter category, he crowned his triumph by winning the swing competition as well. Jan Bílý is the winner of the Czech championship.

World races  in cliffdiving, ie jumping into the water in the wild, has brought many enthusiastic fans and not just fans of the exteme sports. The fans have watched the elite jumpers in both competition and exhibition jumps. Aidan Heslop a young teenager who is just 17 years old has convinced the judges the most with his jumps. He has repeated the triumph from the last year and he has convinced everyone that he is a young talented guy with a bright future ahead of him. “I am absolutely satisfied with my performance, all of my jumps went well and the judges gave me the highest points“ said the young Heslop.

In the female category it was an American Ellie Smart who has excelled. She has competed at the prestige cliffding series many times. She showed the audience many difficult jumps from the 20 meters. The Czech championship was won by Jan Bílý, who has came back to the first place after two years.

Besides the jumps from the prepared platforms, many jumpers were part of the exhibition from higher heights. One of those was a Swiss Laso Schaller, who has a world record from 59 meters. In the Hříměždice quarry he got himself up to 30 meters where he performed a brave jump with many loops.

One of the activities from the accompanying program was an exhibition by one of the best flyboardist´s in the world Petr Civín, who has made an incredible show along with his friend. Further on the fans could jump from many heights into an Air bag, turn themselves around in a special Kinedril swing, cheer the BMX riders or admire the art of the best Czech parkourists.

Traditionally many concerts and DJ performances were prepared at the Desperados Highjump. On many musical stages. Names such as Kapitán Demo, Smash Hifi, Apple Juice, DJ Wich, Prago Union, Yzomandias and many others performed at the Desperados Highjump.

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