The quarry in Hříměždice (formaly called Kujalův lom) used to be frequently used as a an army training site.

The max depth is 8 m. There is still a metal pontoon in use since the army left it there. It stands on 4 columns 8 meters deep. In the depth of about 4 meters there are openings in the platform to simulate tank openings. There is a metal ladder to and beyond this platform. At the base of one of the columns is an old divers bell on the ground with a missing top.

At the bottom you can also find a quarry cart. In the summer the visibility is about 2m. It is very nice to dive when ice is on surface, than the visibility is about 5 meters. Blossoming water-lilys make great shelter for small fishes and some larger fish. Almost always you will meet a dwarf and a pike fish or a roach if lucky. Diving is prohibited with out formal authorisation.

GPS: 49°41’12.67″N 14°16’29.67″E



Quarry maintenance

Volleyball court
As an upgrade to our sport activities and especially for summer fun we have built a beach- volleyball court for you. The court is situated by the „Plážovej Frája“ bar, where is the possibility to hire a ball. Once a year we organise a tournament that we will inform you about in time. You will simply not be bored at the quarry!

Jumping board
Every year we try to come with an innovation, even if it does not come to use for the High Jump event. In 2006 we added a mega ramp to the swing. Till this day it serves mainly for public fun. This is why this year we have built an imitation of a jumping board. It doesn’t have much in common with a real jumping board but it serves great for jumps.) We hope that visitors will have fun with this and the other new features in the quarry.

New parking space
The formal parking space was not sufficient enough so on public command we have build a larger parking space. Please leave all cars on the parking lot. Maybe it is fun to weave in and out of people and park on the field amongst the lying ones , but the two poles with a a chain between them is not meant as a slalom track. Its a barrier for everyone to know not to go beyond.

Quarry and surrounding clean up
We clean up the quarry and its surrounding not only after the events when it is a matter of course to clean up, but during the whole year.A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THAT TAKE PART IN THE CLEAN UP . In the season we supply large waste bags daily. In case of overflowing garbage please inform staff on bars.

Repair works on pontoon
After the floods the pontoon had to be repaired. The water level raised and it was flooded. We changed all wooden planks on the pontoon and the foot bridge. We than painted it. The pontoon is used for an easier access to the water. It is great to take your family for a picnic on saturday when the quarry is the most busy and lie down on the pontoon so everyone has to step over you – jump over you in the best case. The stronger ones even shout around at everyone that their belongings are wet.

Garbage bins
In the whole area we have installed garbage bins thanks to the DOKAS s.r.o. This is our way to ask everyone to KEEP THE QUARRY CLEAN ! IT BELONGS TO EVERYONE. DOKAS s.r.o. is in charge of disposal of all waste bags as according to the law of the Czech Republic. Maybe for some the photograph of a bin was more of an amusement, but there is few of those that do not know what bins are for. THANKS to all that throw garbage away in bins.

Vegetation adjustment
We cut the surrounding vegetation (as possible). Its hard to walk in high grass) We hope to attribute to higher comfort. Thanks to the „Architectura zahrad Krejčík s.r.o. “ for allowing us to use their garden equipment. We cut the grass on the back field for the every year event of bare feet football: „čutokopáno“.

The water in the quarry is not exactly clean. We clean the water surface from dirt and sadly garbage using a boat. We try to keep the surface as clean as on the photos. After our never ending clean ups the water visibility has much improved.