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Flyboard SHOW

Flyboard SHOW – Petr Civin – FlyboardShow.cz The twenty-third edition of Highjump will also feature a flyboarding show. A relatively new sport, in which the fighters float several meters above the water surface thanks to the flyboard, has already become part of Highjump. In previous years, we could see the leading Czech flyboarders demonstrating their…

HIGHJUMP Cliffdiving 2022 – MORE (Teaser)

💥💥 Do you want MORE HIGHJUMP Cliffdiving? Want MORE water fun? Do you want a MORE party in a unique place 🥰? Want MORE PSH music? Come to Hřiměždice on 5-6 August 2022 🔥🔥 Advance ticket sales on Ticketstream ► https://www.ticketstream.cz/akce/highjump-23-123105 » Instagram: https://instagram.com/HighjumpCZ ► FB: https://www.facebook.com/cliffdiving.eu