Jan Wilko Heinzel (D)

It is going to be his 8th year at Highjump. His personal record is jump off 30 metres, which he showed us at Highjump, too. This year he wants to break this record for you. He is a professional at Highdiving-Cliffdiving and loves adrenalin before he jumps.

Jan is a member of German National Team of Highdiving and he is going to show you some great splash jumps which you like so much. He just loves cliffdiving and it´s of course seen at his results, too – in the last 4 years he was among the 3 best cliffdivers at Highjump. This year he is planning to do exhibiton in highdiving off the trampoline placed on a platform at 20 metres above the water level. It´s clear, you can´t miss this guy at Highjump.

Here we send his greeting: