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  • Young Aidan Heslop (GB) narrowly wins the 20th Highjump

Young Aidan Heslop (GB) narrowly wins the 20th Highjump

Young Aidan Heslop (GB) narrowly wins the 20th Highjump!
The Czech cup goes to Vantuch!

The 20th anniversary of Highjump Cliffdiving competition in central bohemian village of Hrimezdice is over. The main contest, in which divers were jumping into a former quarry from a 25m platform, was ruled by only 17 years old Briton Aidan Heslop. Aidan managed to defeat the Czech cliff diving star Michal Navrátil by only a few points. The Czech cup has been won by Denis Vantuch from Brno and the women’s category was dominated by Genvieve Bradley (USA).

The weather forecast had not been great for Hrimezdice but the clouds didn’t affect the competitions at all. Pleasant temperatures and sunny weather (interrupted by only one short shower) were enjoyable conditions for both divers and spectators. More than 70 contestants from all over the world (for example USA, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Germany, France etc.) have attended the event and they have competed in several categories diving from various platforms..

On Friday there was an old school battle (one on one) in which Jan Wilko Heinzel (DE) has won. In the final heat he defeated Aidan Heslop (GB) who made up for his loss the day after. On Saturday the main competition was held on the 16, 20 and 25m platforms and Aidan has proved his qualities. The fight was tight between him and the biggest Czech cliff diving hero Michal Navratil (currently the 4th best diver in the world) but Aidan managed to succeed and he has completed his golden Highjump hattrick! It seems that the world top divers can look forward to welcoming a new member soon. Michal Navratil arrived to Hrimezdice after a successful appearance at the World Highdiving Championships in Korea! He is one of the biggest diving stars on the planet and he has been competing for many years at the famous Red Bull Cliff Diving series.

The Czech Cliff Diving Cup was ruled by Brno’s diver Denis Vantuch. Jan Bily finished second and we could see Jakub Kunasek on the third place. In the women’s category Genevieve Bradley (USA) has won the competiton followed by Ellie Smart (USA) and Celia Fernandez (ESP). But the greatest hero and a favourite of the audience was 72 years old Peter Roseney (CH)! He was performing some unbelievable jumps and to everyone’s astonishement he was diving head first. When the competitions were over the spectators could enjoy various water sports exhibitions – just like the one of Petr Civin on flyboard or Maylow Silver on jetsurf. A rich music program was also a part of the afterparties. Many bands, Djs and musicians have performed on several stages and made sure the visitors were enjoying themselves up until morning hours.