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Official Highjump 2020 announcement

Although we tried our best and did what we could, we must officially announce that the Highjump 2020 event in the Hřiměždice quarry is cancelled.  After several negotiations with the representatives of the municipality, who we consider to be our long-term partners and who we must thank for fair and honest negotiations, we came to the conclusion together to call the event off this year. The Hřiměždice council has advised to cancel all mass summer events in the village and it‘s surroundings to protect the health of it‘s citizens and we fully respect that. Because we are all familiar with the pandemic crisis that has affected the whole world this year, we probably don’t need to explain the reasons that has lead to this decision.

What next? We are keeping our cool ideas and visions for next year and we are already starting to work on getting the 2021 event ready. We are very much looking forward to seeing you in a year and we are very thankful for your continued support.


Prima COOL TV and HIGHJUMP brings a series of exhibition jumping shows COOL HIGHJUMP TOUR. Prima COOL TV will send the most talented COOL jumper to the HIGHJUMP camp next year and will ensure his participation in the largest Czech jumping competition in Hřiměždice in 2021.