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Laso Schaller jumped into an icy quarry

Although Highjump is mainly associated with summer, swimsuits and hot days by the quarry, we decided to do something different this time. Something more crazy. The well-known extreme jumper Laso Schaller jumped from a height exceeding 20m into the water of the Hřiměždice quarry which was around 3°C cold that day. With this jump he has begun preparations for the summer Highjump which will take place on 5.-6. August 2022. You can see Laso jumping into the icy quarry in our exclusive video.

Preparations for the jump into the icy water of the quarry near Příbram started long before the jump itself and Laso Schaller cooperated on it with the organizers of Highjump. Rescuers were ready on the spot and a proffesional diver was supervising the jumper in the water. Immediately after the jump Laso commented: “The jump to the quarry in mid-February was a challenge. I am always happy to be able to come to Hřiměždice. The water was pretty cold.” The 33-year-old Swiss with Brazilian ancestors has set a world record nn 2015 when he jumped into the water from a 58.8m high cliff and set the highest height from which anyone ever decided to jump into the water.

This year the Highjump competition will take place in Hřiměždice for the 23rd time. The organizers of the event promise a breathtaking spectacle. They are already communicating with the world’s leading jumpers, who will jump from a 25m high jumping board. The races were held in the quarry last year as well but under limited conditions due to Covid restrictions. Now, however, the organizers plan to prepare the event to the extent known to fans before the Covid pandemic. The jumping contest will be accompanied by a rich musical program.

The Highjump family thanks the Zeppelin Machine Rental for providing a platform that could rise above the quarry and help Laso push the level of cliffdiving little further again.


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