Jet8 is an energetic 7-member hardcore-punk band with a brass section from Prague, which definitely makes music in its own way. In addition to hard guitar riffs, they fine-tune the atmosphere with no less violent breaths and angry songs so you don’t know if you’ve found yourself in another dimension. Textually, they come across current painful social issues, which need to be discussed today.

Jet8 has been on the scene since 2005, and they have released four studio albums so far: the last one is called “Chasing The High”, one is and EP and the last act is a split EP with the band The Shifty Grifts called “Hands OFF!”. They regularly perform in England, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany and Spain, alongside bands from the HC / punk rock / ska scene. Their favorite bands with which they played are, for example, Jaya The Cat, Random Hand, Faintest Idea, Authority Zero, or the legendary Dog Eat Dog, whose connection with frontman John resulted in the joint song “Stay On Track”.