Video - The oldest extreme sport in the world: Cliffdiving
Tomáš Jechort
 Back in the 18th century is where it all began: For over 200 years now, the oldest extreme sport in the world still creates pure fascination! You can see why, on the Red Bull FB profile. You can read more on our website, in the link: Cliffdiving.
Desperados HIGHJUMP 2016
Tomáš Jechort
 Desperados HIGH JUMP 2016. Still the same wonderful place: Hrimezdice - Friday, 05.08. and Saturday, 06.08.2016. Swimsuit with you !!!
Video - World Record on Desperados HIGHJUMP 2015
Tomáš Jechort
 World Record on Desperados HIGHJUMP 2015 - Open Board - Philipp Knapp Yehaaa!! www.Facebook.com/RADGermany
Video Desperados Highjump 2015
Tomáš Jechort
 Thanks for a wonderful 16th DESPERADOS HIGH JUMP 2015. Already looking forward to 2016. Thank you all, thanks to all our partners, this is your video ...... Video Desperados HIGH JUMP 2015 (Official).
Desperados Highjump 2015 - Photo Gallery
Tomáš Jechort
 Photo Gallery from the Desperados High Jump 2015 is complete. A total of 638 photos by 16 photographers. View photos.
Desperados Highjump 2015 - Video Report III
Tomáš Jechort
Desperados Highjump 2015 - Photos - part 3
Tomáš Jechort
 The third series of photos: Saturday races: Swing and 16m. Exhibition: Splashdiving, Highdive 25m, Fireman, Flyboard, Parkour. Spash record from 25 meters + atmosphere. View photos.
New world record: Cliff-Jump from 58.8 meters!
Tomáš Jechort
 For visitors Desperados High Jump already well-known cliffdiver Lasso Schaller set a new world record! In Switzerland-Maggia, 5.8.2015 - jumped from 58.8-meter-high waterfall! Reportage and most video impressions of jumping on redbull.com.
Desperados Highjump 2015 - Photos - part 2
Tomáš Jechort
 The second series of photos. Saturday competition - 12m. Exhibitions: Splashdiving, Slackline, Highdive 20-25 m + Atmosphere. View photos.
Desperados Highjump 2015 - Video Reports II
Tomáš Jechort
 The next wave of video reports from the Desperados Highjump 2015. Perfect video by Splashdiving bands: MOYD-High Jump Jan 2015. Jan Bily - an interview for OCKO - Drive 59.2. Videoreport by CZECHMAG - Desperados Highjump 2015. And finally, a little fashion: Bubble Fashion.
Desperados Highjump 2015 - Photos - part 1
Tomáš Jechort
 This year will again crop photos. Getting the first series - chronological selection of the best photos from the day Friday.
Desperados Highjump 2015 - Competitions
Tomáš Jechort
 Photos from events and exhibitions: Highjump 2015 - Competitions.
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