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Desperados Highjump introduces you the main Desperados Airfield stage

The nineteenth year of the open Czech championship in cliffdiving (3.8.-4.8.2018), will be full of action and it will not only be the jumpers. Visitors can also look forward to a rich musical program. In the evening, Czech and foreign musical scene will take care of the entertainment. Everyone will find their own taste from the many musical genres. Below you can find a complete musical program of the main stage located on the meadow behind the quarry. Other names from other upcoming musical scenes will be released soon.


Leeroy Thornhill and Marten Horgen are the German-English DJ and production duo SMASH HIFI. The electronic beats are influenced by the British band The Prodigy, in which Leeroy Thornhill worked for ten years, but this does not hurt anything on the originality of their tracks. You will be able to see this foreign sensation in Hřiměždice for the second time, but it will surely get you again with its fresh electronic melodies. After the success last year, they return to Hřiměždice with a new even more sophisticated program. In addition, both gentlemen and the MCs will stay at Highjump for both days so you can meet them personally during the event. Smash Hifi will perform during both evenings, on Friday with live act and on Saturday as djs. The party can start.

Prago Union

Legendary underground formation Prago Union does not need an introduction. Several times awarded with the Andel prize, Prago Union is a respected group amongst the Czech hip-hop and rap scene. Their raw, honest lyrics from the Prague´s underworld accompanied by hip-hop beats will tune you up to the right party. At Highjump you will see Prago Union composed of Mc Kato and Dj Ramel.

Apple Juice

For all lovers of punk and apple juice, this year’s Highjump enjoys a three-member band from Prague – Apple Juice. The punk scene will not be disappointed with its fresh lyrics in Czech. You could see this band at various festivals across the Czech Republic. Apple Juice is one of the first bands that ever performed at Highjump. In the past, they have also made an official anthem for Highjump.

Fast Food Orchestra

Reggae band from Prague has already had a rich history. Their beginnings date back to the ninety´s. Since then, this multi-member band has literally been around the world, their Urban Menu album has even been released in the US and Japan. The cool tones of reggae, ska, punk, hip-hop and dancehall will be heard at this year´s Highjump main music stage.

Kapitán Demo

Raping millionaire Kapitan Demo will be at this year’s Highjump. The fictitious character created by a musician and producer Jiri Burian is an awkward and funny parody to the hip-hop scene. Kapitan Demo’s performances are one great show of unbelievable creativity, his colorful, sometimes crazy costumes and lyrics, and catchy melodies you would not think of. There is no action without Kapitan Dem, you can experience it in Hřiměždice. So this year, except swimsuits bring chains with you …

DJ Friky

One of the top DJs in our country and a member of Highjump DJ Friky will present his skills at this year’s edition. The prominent representative of technical DJing and turntablism with his talents has already covered a considerable part of world events and competitions. You can not miss the performance of the Czech DJ with world qualities. In the past, Friky participated in the most prestigious Dj contests in the world, where he even became an official judge. Friky is on the main stones of the musical program.

Jakub Ondra

A young songwriter who got to the German charts from the streets of Prague. A cool dude who will not only get you with his author’s sincere lyrics but also his velvet voice, will make you fall in love with him. Last year, he debuted his first album, called Old Town Square, from which you can feel his love to Prague.

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