The highest jump of a man – Laso Shaller (58,8 metres)
A Swiss man Laso Shaller is a regular participant of Desperados High Jump. Since 2015 he has been the world record holder in cliffdiving. He jumped off 58,8 metres, which is few metres higher than the jump off a famous Leaning Tower in Pisa. During the jump Laso hit the water level at a speed exceeding 120 kph which is unbeliavable.

The highest jump in the Czech Republic – Rudolf Bok (58,28 metres)
A Czech man Rudolf Bok jumped off Žďákovský bridge in 1997. We can´t forget about this stuntman´s dramatic jump into the water below Žďákovský bridge at Orlická dam. Due to an unexpected wind blow between the bridge pillars, trained film stuntman turned around and hit the water level with his back first. It was as if he hit a concrete surface. Doctors fought for his life, he almost ended up on a wheelchair.
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The highest jump in history – Felix Baumgartner (39 044 metres)
In 2012 Red Bull Stratos project was launched. Felix Baumgartner jumped from stratosphere, during his free fall he reached the speed of sound and broke the record in terms of jump height as well as the highest baloon flight with a human crew. He survived this extremely dangerous jump without a wound. Height: 39 044 metres, Speed: 1342,8 kph, length of a freel fall (in minutes): 4:19 minutes, length of a freel fall (in metres): 36 529 metres.

The worst jump – Matti Myllymäki (50 metres)
A Finnish showman Matti Myllymäki wanted to celebrate his 50th birthday and break the Finnish highdiving record. The jump didn´t go well at all and he ended up in coma.

The best made high jump (7x 10 points)
In 2000 during racing: WHDF Cliff Diving world championship in Hawaii (the island Kaunolu), Mr. Orlando duque the jumper from Columbia jumped double backward somersault with four of the wood screws from the high of 24.4m (80 feets). All of the referees gave him 10 points – the net result – 159 points.

The highest result by the jump (168 points)
In 2006 during racing: WHDF Chinese international cliff diving competition, Mr. Artem Silchenko the jumper form Russia made triple backward somersault with two of the wood screws from the high of 30m (100 feets). Strenuousness of jump: 5.6. The results by referees: 9.5/10/10/10/10. The net result: 168 points.

The highest jump made by a woman (36,8m)
In 1985, Ms. Lucy wardle form the U.S.A. jumped in the ocean park in hongkong form high of 36,8 meters (120 feets). The record stays until nowadays.

The highest jump into a shallow (off 12 metres into 30 centimetres)
Darren Taylor known as Professor Splash enrolled in the Guiness Book with his risky jump. He jumped off 11,56 metres (37 feet) into 30 centimetre (12 inches) deep kids inflattable swimming pool. He broke his record from 2008.