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Come and take a picture at the Canon!

Do you love taking photos and you can’t imagine going out without you phone or camera? If so then we look forward to welcoming you at the Canon stall at HIGHJUMP 2019! We will take a picture of you and your friends with a professional camera and print it out right on the spot so you can keep a paper memory of this amazing event! There will also be Canon photo experts ready to help you and discuss anything about photography that interests you so use this opportunity to make your own pictures even better! Plus you will be able to see and try a brand new mini printer Canon Zoemini that will surprise you with it’s size comparable to a mobile phone. Don’t you believe it? See it with your own eyes at Canon!

The Zoemini printer just cannot be more compact! It fits literally any pocket and gives you the possibility to instantly print out any picture you take with your camera or phone – whether on vacation, hike, party or Highjump! The instant print is not the only advantage of this cute printer! You can use an app to add filters and emoticons to your picture and make it even better and more fun. This stylish printer is available in different colours and the pictures are adhesive! Do you want to find out more about this printer and discover all of it’s cool functions? Don’t miss out the Canon stall at Highjump then! Our hostesses will guide you through the world of pictures and printing!