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Michal Supratil: Azory to Highjump 2019

This year Highjump cliff diving event is coming! On 2 – 3 August the top world athletes of this adrenaline sport will introduce themselves at the former granite quarry in Hrimezdice. One onf the biggest stars will be Czech diver Michal Navratil who has been an essential part of the world RedBull Cliff diving Series for several years now. What did it take for him to get to the top? And how long did it take him to be able to jump from 27 meters?

Michal Navratil belongs to the best cliff divers in history and of today – he is nicknamed Supratil which refers to his famous exhibition jumps in a comics superhero style. His journey to become one of the most respectable extreme divers was not easy. From the very bottom of a swimming pool through the Hrimezdice Highjump and diving shows in China he got to the RedBull Cliff diving Series where he belongs to the most experienced nowadays. He placed first several times in the series, earned second place at the world championships and thanks to this sport he has visited all the continents of the world.

In the video you will see a report from one of the latest RedBull Cliff diving Series competition that took place at the Azores. And not only you will hear Michal speaking about his journey but there are legends like Gary Hunt – the all time best cliff diver in the world, Orlando Duqu – a cliff diving hero or Blake Aldrige – the participant of the Olympics, all speaking about Michal, too.

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