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Stanton Warriors at Desperados Highjump

Stanton Warriors are coming to Desperados Highjump

18th year of cliffdiving race Desperados Highjump, which is going to be held in the quarry in Hrimezdice near Pribram, has a very interesting headliner – breakbeat DJs and producers Stanton Warriors from the UK. They have been active in music since 90´s. Since then they have released countless tracks and performed at prestigious festivals like Coachella or Glastonbury. They are considered to be one the of the most important interpreters of their genre.

Stanton Warriors, i.e. Mark Yardley and Dominic Butler, are legends of their genre. From playing at illegal parties in England, they have become one of the most visible group in the field of dance music. They have performed at the most prestigious festivals in the world, e.g. Burning Man, Glastonbury, Ultra and many more. During their career in music they have built strong respect among their fans and also among the music experts and other interpreters. Thanks to their own unique sound, Stanton Warriors are well-distinquished from other breakbeat producers.

Stanton Warriors are coming to Highjump during their summer festival tour.

“We are happy we succeeded in booking Stanton Warriors for Highjump in Hrimezdice. We think, their original sound is ideally going to complete the whole atmosphere of the cliffdiving race and everyone will enjoy a great party together.”

Stanton Warriors are going to play at a Friday night party on 4th August at the main stage Desperados Airfield.