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Michal Navrátil is coming back to Desperados Highjump!

Czech cliffdiver nr.1. Fourth man at last year´s World Championship of Red Bull Cliffdiving series. Michal Navrátil has confirmed his participation at 18th Desperados Highjump in Hrimezdice. One of the best cliffdivers in the world and the only Czech participant at the world´s series is going to highlight this year´s Championship of the Czech Republic in cliffdiving.

Michal Navrátil is without any doubt one the of the most respected cliffdivers on this planet. He has participated many times at the World Championship of Red Bull Cliffdiving series, he even mastered two of them and last year he didnt finally take the third place but ended up at a very nice fourth position. Michal is a classical example, that if someone pursues his dream, has a clear aim and wants to achieve something, it works and it happens. He began his cliffidiving career at Highjump. He came as an inexperienced cliffidiver. He just wanted to jump. But he got so impressed by this sport that he started to do it at a different level.

Big shift in his career was his journey to China, where he performed in a funny cliffdiving show. There he got valuable experience, he trained hard and as he says he went through hell. After that he participated at Red Bull races and became a stable member at the World Championships. Michal Navrátil also represents Czech Republic at the World Championship of swimming association FINA which included highdiving, i.e. jumps off 27 metres into a swimming pool into its programme, too. A short time before Highjump Michal and his team is going to Budapest and take part in the World Championship in this new disciplne.

Due to the fact that Michal is very successful and it seems that highdiving will become a part of the Olympic Games, Michal could start below the olympic circles in Tokyo in 2020. Our representation would have a hot candidate to win a medal and for Michal and all Highjump family it would be a big reward if he got one.

Michal is going to be at Desperados Highjump from 4th to 5th Augsut 2017. At his last start in Hrimezdice, Michal broke the record of this race when he jumped off 32 metres. It´s considered to be the absolute peak of this event´s history. Let´s look forward what Michal shows us this year!

Video invitation from Michal – 27m jump!!

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