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DJ Friky

One of the most recognized and respected DJs in the Czech Republic, DJ Friky, belongs among the best DJs in our country. During his long career behind the gramophones, he has played at hundreds of parties in the Czech Republic and abroad, too. Inherently he belongs to parties connected with extreme sports, so he can´t…


The gang Wohnout belongs among the most visible music groups in the Czech Republic. Guys founded their band in 1996 and since then there haven´t been any staff changes in it. Matěj and Honza Homola, Jirka Zemánek and Fenek Steiner play rock music with funny lyrics and their live concerts are always very energetic. Altogehter…


We are introducing the first headliner at Desperados Highjump. At the main stage you can see German-English duo of producers and djs SMASH HIFI LIVE. You can expect breakbeat whacking full of progressive sound. Leeroy Thornhill and Marten Horgen has been active on music scene for couple of years now and since they started they…