Technical information for cliff diving
The height of jump for men: 20 – 30 meters
The height of jump for women: 18 – 25 meters
The achieved speed: 75 – 100 km/h
The depth of dip: 2.5 – 4.5 meters
Time of free fall: 3 seconds

Doctor advices
One of the six instances there is a probability to broke a back by jumping down in an unknown place. Please check the deep of the water before you will jump Into an unknown place. There is a possibility of some changes from the last year!

Injure effects spinal cord cause by jumping
4th vertebra: Person is not able to breathe alone and also can not move with upper and lower extremities.
5th vertebra: Person is not either able to lift his/her shoulders
6th vertebra: person is able to move his/her shoulders, but is not able to bend his/her arms and with body also.
7th vertebra: person is able to move his/her shoulders and bend his/her arms elbows. Neck and chest backbone: person can bend his/her arms elbows, has fractional locomotive faculties in hands.

By the cliff diving’s rules water has to be at least 5 meters deep. In Hawaii and Mexico jumpers are jumping into the water of 3,5m deep. Some of doctor advices are to make a break between the jumps. The best way how to jump down is to be reinforced, because the body falling Into the water slow down the pressure and the rest of body is impacted by The speed. We can compare this as to jump down on his/her back from 4 – 6 meters on the ground.

Interesting records – the deepest jump
Ms. vesna vulovicova the steward from srbia survived after the fall of the plane, which was falling down approximately 10 000 meters supposedly. The based on this fact was the name of the steward written in the guiness book of records as “the deepest survived jump”.
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Another interesting record – Nigerian waterfalls
An unknown man survived after fall down into the Nigerian waterfalls (50m). He became the third person who is known, that stayed alive. HE sustained a clement injuries and was hypothermic a lot.
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The Olympics
In 1904 were the high jumps into the water accepted at the first time. In 2000 In Sydney it was also added synchronized jump. The first Czechoslovak delegate was Ms. Milena Duchkova, she won the gold medal in 1968 for 10 meters jump and for 3 meters jump she had got 10th position.