Celia Fernandez (ESP)

I am from Madrid, but living now in Barcelona. I have been doing gymnastics since I am 8 years old. At the age of 23 I started with diving just from fun always with the dream of one day becoming high diver, and one and a half year later I was working in a big show in Macau, China (The House of Dancing Water), where I could start building up the height. I performed there as a high diver for two years and after I stopped diving because I was working in other show as stunt woman (this time riding a bike and doing some other stunts). A year ago I went back to diving, and this is my first season competing. I have been already to Agios Nikolaos Cliff Diving competiton, in September I am invited to Red Bull in Mostar as a wildcard and the plan is competing in FINA world cup in Abu Dhabi as well.

I am so excited to compete in Desperados Highjump because, as long as I know, is the mix of three things that I love: high diving, crazy party and Desperados

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