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Danish divers group at the HIGHJUMP 2022

Ladies first so let us introduce to you Annika „BB“ Bornenusch. This girl is locally known as ‘The Danish champion of everything’ because of her numerous gold medals in high diving, snowboard big air, blobbing etc., and she proved herself at HighJump last year as well when she won the ladies competition. And even though most people call her “BB”, no one is completely sure what the abbreviation is for.

Next one to look forward to seeing is Mads Søndergaard! Don’t be fooled – while he is easy to mistake for “a long-haired no-good hippie”, he has actually showered at least twice this year. His diving style consists of talking a lot on the platform and then just not diving most of the time and going for a beer instead. Still he managed to place 4th last year.

And last but definitely not least, the winner of HighJump 2021 royal discipline, Jonas Madsen! Jonas became the first Danish high diving champion with an amazing triple reverse somersault as his final dive in 2020. When asked to describe himself he says: “I drive heavy trucks, lift heavy weights, and eat heavy durums“.

So let’s look forward together what these cool guys (and the rest of the danish group) will have prepared for us this year at HighJump!