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Program Desperados HIGHJUMP

Jumping elite, rich musical program and other extreme sports. Desperados Highjump is knocking in the door.

Already the following weekend (3rd and 4th of August) there will be a 19th year of the Desperados Higjump in the Hříměždice quarry. Opened Czech championship in cliffdiving has been enticing the world´s best jumpers, who jump in our quarry from heights up to 30 meters. Besides the cliffdiving championship you can look forward to a musical program and many stages. The biggest names of the line-up are british SMASH HIFI, Prago Union, Kapitan Demo, Fast Food Orchestra, DJ Wich, SMACK, Yzomandias NICK TENDO AND DECKY, Apple Juice and many others. We have also prepared many exhibitions in different extreme sports.

Jumping elite from all around the world

Mayn times we have had the best jumpers come to Hříměždice. It will be no different this year. During the Friday´s and Staruday´s program, the visitors willl have the opportunity to see the cliffdiving competition from 12,16 and 20 meters. The favourites of this year are: a young teenager from Britain Aidan Heslop, he always shocks the audience with some of the most difficult jumps cliffdiving offers. Swiss Andreas Hulliger who is a multiple champion of Europe will also arrive to Hříměždice quarry, he has won the Desperados Highjump many times. One of the favourites is also a British Owen Weymounth. The biggest personality of this year´s program will be a 70 year old Peter Reseney from Switzerland.

DJ Wich, Prago Union, Fast Food and SMASH HIFI

As every year Desperados Highjump also has a rich muscial program. Even this years the visitors can look forward to more musical stages. On the main stage also known as the Desperados Airgield Stage, we will have a British-German DJ and production duo Smash Hifi with Leeroy Thornhill in the front. Leeroy has an interesting musical career as he was part of a legendary group The Prodigy for 10 years. The line-up is full of other names such as DJ Wich, Prago Union, Smack, Fast Food Orchestra, Apple Juice, DJ Friky with Martin Svátek, DJ Poeta, Kapitán Demo, MC Jakob and many others.

Exhibition of other extreme sports

Desperados Highjump is not only about cliffdiving for many years. Even this years we have prepared an interesting accompanying program for you. In the water, respectively many meters above it we will have a flyboard show by a world champion contender, Petr Civín. He along with his friends performs incredible breath taking show, where he flies more than 10 meters above the water line. On the back field we have prepared a huge inflatable field Maad Bounce, suggestive of a Tekashi castle. Further we will have an exhibition by the best jumpers of splashes of the X-diving team on a huge blob, exhibition of parkour and many others.

Practical tips for the visitors

You can accomodate your self in the tent town that we have at the Desperados Highjump. Due to a big drought there is a strict prohibition of fire and grilling. Due to that we ask all visitors to respect the policy and thank you for cooperation. We have many mobile toilets prepared for you and we also have showers and washrooms. We also have many highcapacity bars with cold drinks and beer Desperados sharpened with tequila. Gourmet experience are promissing our stands with food, which offer international food from thai food to mediterranean and domestic.

Desperados Highjump starts on Friday on the 3rd of August and continues until the 4th of August on Saturday, which ends in the early hours with a party.

Complete program on the page: Program.

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