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#Meisterstyk jump from 16 meters at Highjump 2021

We waited a long time for the quarry in Hřiměždice to host a popular extreme cliffdiving event again. As part of Highjump 2021, which will take place on July 30th and 31st, not only the Czech but also the European jumping elite will present themselves in the royal discipline #Meisterštyk 16m contest. Among the most important names will be the world record holder in diving Laso Schaller from Switzerland or Jan Wilko from Germany. Czech hot star will be, for example, Denis Vantuch. Jägermeister, who hunts ‘Meisterstyks’, returns to Highjump after a short break and will be supporting divers in the 16m contest.

At Highjump, Jägermeister has prepared its own bar with DJs who will entertain visitors as part of the daily program in the quarry. Specifically, it will be Prago Union, NobodyListen, Indy and LA4 and other interesting names. So the Jägermeister -18 Ice Cold must be there too.

From the tower which will be 16m high above the water surface, jumpers from several European countries will jump. The exhibition in splash diving will also be very interesting. Masters of both disciplines with the support of Jägermeister.

Highjump returns to Hřiměždice after a two-year break that was caused by the regulations of the government of the Czech Republic. This year, Highjump will take place in form of a ‘Limited edition’. A maximum of 2,000 people will be admitted to the quarry area. They will have fun jumping into the water and enjoy the rich accompanying program.

The music party that everyone at Highjump loves will take place mostly at daylight. “We are continuing the worldwide trend of music parties being held during the day. We are looking forward to DJ sets and concerts in our quarry,” say the organizers of the event.