This year Becher Zone adds Highjump to their summer tour for the first time! A chill out zone throughout the day and a place for the best afterparties at night – this is how you can quickly describe Becher Zone at Highjump! The quarry won’t be the only place to refresh yourself – just a few steps behind the diving platform there will be a variety of cool festival drinks on the menu. Timeless Beton and his twist will be accompanied by Festival Moon or Becher Punch.

During the day the zone will be all about chilling out: you can play table football, make your own hat or just sit on a terrace with a drink and watch the competitions. A water fountain, which you can use for refreshment by day, will turn into a Dj spot at night!

A group of our resident Djs from the Dance Radio (Michael C., Subgate and microSLEEP) will get the party going and there will of course be beautiful hostesses taking good care of you all the time! The Highjump and Becherovka combination promises the best summer mix! Especially when Highjump celebrates the 20th anniversary! That simply must be celebrated!