Highjump posters history

Just after the Highjump gates close behind last visitors we begin to get ready for next year. Apart from dealing with partners of the event, booking the divers and preparing a music program, we also look for an interesting and talented graphic designer who would create the official visual for next year. The first Highjump event was held in 2000 and since then total of 20 designers and illustrators participated on the creation of the posters.

This year was particularly challenging as there were many great designs to choose from. The winner at last was Petr Bukovjan. Petr works as an art director in the game development studio NOXGAMES which he co-founded. He creates T-shirt designs that are popular in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary and he also draws funny cartoons.

A list of some other HIGHJUMP poster creators:
Martin Fiser aka MFISH / Tattoo artist Jiri Vokalek alias Voky / British graphic designer and comics creator Aiden Huges / Graphic designer Filip Trcka / Petr Fiala aka ARTABAN / Chief of the respected drawing studio DRAWetc. Vladimir Strejcek / Dian alias Dodo / Illustrator Honza Bim.