The gang Wohnout belongs among the most visible music groups in the Czech Republic. Guys founded their band in 1996 and since then there haven´t been any staff changes in it. Matěj and Honza Homola, Jirka Zemánek and Fenek Steiner play rock music with funny lyrics and their live concerts are always very energetic. Altogehter they have released 13 studio albums. While composing, they are not afraid of cooperating with interesting guests e.g. Eva Pilarová or not long time ago a jazzman Laco Deczi. Guys from Wohnout like adrenalin sports and we can say their are closely connected with the time when skateboarding came to the Czech Republic. You can look forward to a great portion of guitar play, this party will be wild!!  #Wohnout #Na #MyNejsmeFestival #Párty #WeAre18