Leeroy Thornhill and Marten Horgen are the German-English DJ and production duo SMASH HIFI. The electronic beats are influenced by the British band The Prodigy, in which Leeroy Thornhill worked for ten years, but this does not hurt anything on the originality of their tracks. You will be able to see this foreign sensation in Hřiměždice for the second time, but it will surely get you again with its fresh electronic melodies. After the success last year, they return to Hřiměždice with a new even more sophisticated program. In addition, both gentlemen and the MCs will stay at Highjump for both days so you can meet them personally during the event. Smash Hifi will perform during both evenings, on Friday with live act and on Saturday as djs. The party can start.

Complete program on the page: Program.